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Toyota: Antron Brown, Drag Racer
In an initiative to bring attention to the issue of distracted driving, this short doc profiles NHRA Top Fuel Champion Antron Brown and how focus is the most important thing when he's behind the wheel, whether on the track or in everyday driving.
OLX is the world's largest classified website, including URLs in 106 countries. This scripted narrative piece combines the many international cultures, and the millions of human connections that the buying and selling of used goods can produce, and tells a few of these stories. Shot on location in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Cape Town South Africa, Everybody Wins celebrates the fact that 'being brand new is in the eye of the beholder.'
Fish & Men
Fish & Men is an in-progress feature length documentary exploring the 400 year old American tradition of fishing, and the current state of the industry for the iconic American fisherman. From 1987 to today, the number of fishing boats in Gloucester Harbor has dwindled from over 400 to less than 20. The film explores the globalization of corporate influence, the science, the ecology, the American appetite for only certain species, and how the fish we eat is over 90% imported. Finally Fish & Men will seek solutions that could move the needle and save both the Fish & the Fishermen.